Rental Property InsuranceRental Property Insurance

Did you know Landlord policies are different than Homeowners policies and need special coverage?

There are many important insurance coverages that come with rental property or landlord packages. Being a landlord, you have a higher liability risk when tenants are involved and residing on your premises. Some of the coverage’s included that are specific to these types of policies are: premise liability, medical payments, personal injury (slander, wrongful eviction, etc), building coverage, vandalism, optional personal property such as appliances, furniture, etc. and loss of rent income.

Some of our companies even offer coverage for tenant mischief and vandalism, which can be very costly to a landlord if they would have to fix up a vandalized residence out of pocket.

Rental Property or Landlord insurance is not the same as regular home insurance and important claims could be denied if they are not written properly.

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