Health/Dental/Vision InsuranceHealth/Dental/Vision Insurance

Not able to get benefits through a job? We’ve got you covered!

In general, individual health, dental, and/or vision insurance plans are more expensive than “group” insurance. But germs are out there.  Bones get broken.  Stitches are needed. Catastrophic illnesses occur.  All of these medical situations are getting more expensive to treat and paying for health care out of pocket could be traumatic to a family.

All Major Minnesota health plans are available.

  •  Blue Cross Blue Shield
  •  Medica
  •  Health Partners
  •  Preferred One
  •  U Care


However, if you don’t have access to a group health care insurance plan, all is not lost. It makes sense to try and find the “right” individual health care insurance plans to cover yourself and your family.

Let the independent agents at Ostrowski Insurance Agency do the “legwork” for you. We’ll research and present you with individual health, dental and/or vision insurance plan options based on your needs.

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