Critical Illness InsuranceCritical Illness Insurance

Think of Critical Illness Insurance as Life Insurance for the Living…Oh the possibilities.

If a critical illness strikes, the good news is you will probably survive.  But few are prepared for the financial burden of recovery.  Health insurance will cover a portion of your expenses but how would you pay for your lost wages, home and car expenses, especially if you could not return to your current job?

A critical illness insurance policy would pay you a lump-sum of your previously chosen benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered illness or medical procedure.  Receiving the benefit does not reduce payments from any other insurance plan you may have such as health, disability income, or worker’s compensation. The money is yours to ease the financial stress that a critical illness creates.

Possible Uses for the Insurance Payout:

Mortgage, auto loan or credit card payments

Your or your spouse’s income or lost wages

Additional or uncovered medical costs

Expenses for travel/lodging during treatment

Child or nursing care

A relaxing vacation while you recuperate

Ostrowski Insurance agents can provide more information on how critical illness insurance may benefit you and assist you with customizing a plan to fit your needs, Or get started here on a FREE Critical Illness Insurance Quote!