Business Owner DisabilityBusiness Owner Disability/Business Overhead Expense

As a business owner, how would you get an income flow if something happened to you? How would you pay your business expenses each month? We’ve got your answer…

You probably understand that an owner’s disability could result in a loss of income to the owner as well as revenue to your company. However, it is important that, as a company plans for the effects of a disability on an owner, they consider the organization’s fixed expenses. While revenues may decrease with an owner’s disability, regular overhead expenses remain the same, and may often increase, stressing the importance of a Business Overhead Expense disability insurance policy.

A Personal Disability Income Protection Policy can protect your own ability to earn an income, pay living expenses and help you maintain a standard of living to which you’ve become accustom to.

A Business Overhead Expense (BOE) disability insurance policy reimburses business owners for existing overhead expenses incurred while they are disabled, keeping the company up and running while the owner recovers.

When a business is running smoothly and revenue is flowing, ongoing overhead expenses may not require much attention. But that can change in an instant when a business owner suffers a long- or short-term disability.

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