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Business liability Insurance is a MUST in a litigious society. Protect what you’ve worked hard for.

Ostrowski Insurance Agency can help you put together a package of business liability coverage that’s right for your business situation.

Successful businesses stay that way by thinking ahead and planning for any contingency. One way to do this is by purchasing the right kinds of insurance to protect the company and its assets against many types of liability issues such as:

General Liability

You may still close some deals with a handshake but the fact remains that we live in a litigious society. General liability insurance can prevent a legal suit from turning into a financial disaster for your business by helping to provide financial protection in the event your business is sued or held legally responsible for some injury or damage.

Product Liability

If you manufacture or sell products, this type of insurance can help offset the cost of any potential injury claims against your company if someone is injured using your product.

Pollution Liability

Even with oversight, many pollutants have a potential of leaking from their containers. If it’s on your property, you can be responsible even if you didn’t know about it or condone it. Protect your business with pollution liability coverage. It is available for pollution claims as the result of storage tank and auto sales/service/repair facilities. It may even include coverage for spills during the transport of pollutants offsite and for pollution events at a non-owned pollution site.

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

You consider your business to be a fair employer. However, there may be someone who disagrees with you so its important to protect your business and employees regarding allegations based on wrongful refusal to hire, promote, demote or terminate. This type of coverage also protects your business from allegations resulting from misrepresentation, harassment, coercion, discrimination or slander.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance, also known as EBL, is a type of professional liability insurance which covers an insured in the event of a claim which arise out of errors and/or omissions in the administration of a employee benefit plan. This can include errors and omissions such as failing to advise an employee of a benefit program, failure to enroll, terminate, or cancel an employee in the plan, and administering improper advice in regards to the benefits.

Employee benefits programs can include group life insurance, group health insurance, profit sharing plans, employee stock plans, workers’ compensation, or unemployment insurance. Many times, this important coverage can be added by endorsement to the General Liability section of your Business Policy, often at a very affordable premium.

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